Body Clocks + Biorhythms: Immunity, Mood, and Well-Being


Almost all species have internal rhythms and a sense of time, which are the focus of a field now known as chronobiology. We have internal circadian (24-hour) clocks that generate and shape daily cycles in our physiology, emotion, and behavior. In this 2-hr Masterclass, we explore emerging research in the science of change, including: -new findings in chronobiology, the science of body clocks -how light affects sleep -the impact of light on emotional well-being -photoentrainment and inflammation -top practices to tune your biological clocks so they're in harmony with time -the social context of circadian tuning We’ll discuss practical tools for healing on physical, emotional, and social levels. You don't need to attend live, but you do need to register- early is better to ensure your reg. goes through. Reg. ends @ 11:30am EST on 12/7. BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) scholarships. Email Julie:

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