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Masterclass on ADHD: science, psychology, & social context

Held Online

This 2-hour Masterclass will offer emerging research on the science, psychology, and experience of ADHD, including:
  ● the neural networks related to ADHD
  ● links between ADHD, interoception, & self-to-body relationship
  ● the connections between ADHD + trauma
  ● my effective ways of managing ADHD from personal + professional experience
  ● the social context of ADHD
We'll discuss embodied interventions that help understand, build compassion for, and manage ADHD in ourselves, and help others to do so, too.
You don't need to attend live, but you do need to register- early is better to ensure your reg. goes through.
Reg. ends @ 11:30am EST on the day of the class.
Registration link

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