Yoga Practice Lab

Our gift to you: Free education to change your life. (We’re not exaggerating!)

Here’s where we get our hands dirty, digging through the therapeutic dirt of a daily practice, or just enjoying the yoga lifestyle. We love our yoga community, and we want to offer you resources and insights right where you are. The Yoga Practice Lab is a collection of resources designed to support your home practice, and for cultivating self-awareness and reflection. Whether you are just starting out in yoga or you are a seasoned teacher, there is something for you here.

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chantal“My experience with Bo’s yoga practice labs helped me reclaim my passion for practicing yoga again! There are many teachers of yoga, but few possess the skills to teach a safe and mindful practice. Having suffered from lower back pain as a result of overstretched hamstrings through yoga, my discovery of Bo’s practice labs helped me heal through incorporating breath with movement in a realistic way. I say realistic because most yoga classes mention the importance of breath but few are paced in a way that allow the healing effects of it. My injury led me to learn about yoga therapeutics, and Bo’s teachings have truly given me the confidence and tools I needed to get back on the mat. Thanks so much Bo for helping me rediscover yoga again.”

– Chantal Scerri, RYT