Becoming a Yoga Therapist

Please note: We have discontinued our Yoga Therapy Training in order to focus on our online courses. We recommend our newest course: Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, the Body, and Contemplative Practice. Learn more here.


This course can be completed on its own, or in conjunction with a live three-day training in London or at YogaWorks Soho or YogaWorks L.A. For more information, please visit Bo’s workshop schedule here.


The Integrative Yoga Therapeutics™ Yoga Therapist Training Program is open only to students who have graduated from our 500-hour Teacher Training Program.


The Yoga Therapist Training Program is a specialized path of advanced study that focuses on the Integrative Yoga Therapeutics™ system developed by Bo and fine-tuned over many years of community involvement, training, and clinical practice. This system approaches the field of yoga therapy from a mind-body perspective, addressing the needs of the mind and emotional body in the context of innovative therapeutic techniques that facilitate natural alignment, balance, well-being, and freedom in the physical, mental, emotional, nervous system, and deep visceral bodies, as well as the pain modulation pathways and immune system. Bo’s unique approach to injuries, special issues, and the emotional body is highlighted in this unique training format.

The Yoga Therapist Training Program is designed to give beginning yoga therapists- and post-500-hour teachers- the experience they need to develop their skills in working privately with clients. This program includes:

  • A minimum of 2 years of monthly clinical supervision with Bo
  • Several internships at local area hospitals, private practices, and other institutions
  • Several workshops that focus on special populations, such as people with cancer and immune system disorders, people with neurological illnesses, chronic pain disorders, and more
  • An individual project either clinical case-focused or research-focused, in yoga therapy
  • Advanced training in anatomy and physiology


Our supervision model is based upon the belief that ongoing clinical supervision offers a highly effective model for learning and continuing professional education. The supervision component of the Yoga Therapist Training Program operates in a manner similar to the Center for Integrative Yoga Therapeutics™, offering clinical supervision to yoga therapists who wish to work from a mind-body orientation, in the belief that this form of hands-on, practical supervision in a group context is a highly effective method of nurturing professional and personal growth. Participants receive ongoing, bi-monthly, focused clinical supervision with Bo. In supervision sessions, yoga therapists present cases which will are reviewed and discussed by all participants. When possible, case presentations will include live clients.

Please Note:

The Integrative Yoga Therapeutics™ Apprenticeship Track offers advanced training in Bo’s method of yoga therapy, and includes our clinical supervision group. As such, it is open only to students enrolled in the IYT 500-hour Mind-Body Teacher Training Program. We can make no exceptions to this policy. For more information on requirements for entering Bo’s Embodied Awareness 500 program, visit our Information Page.

Read Bo’s article about our clinical supervision group, featured in the October, 2012 issue of the International Journal of Yoga Therapy