New England School of Integrative Yoga Therapeutics
Embodied Awareness 200-hr Teacher Training with a therapeutic emphasis

*Please note that we have decided to suspend Bo’s 200-hour teacher training in order to focus on our online offerings. If you are interested in an online training that corresponds closely to a 200-hour training, consider our newest online course and collaboration: Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, the Body and Contemplative Practice (more info here).  This course can be completed on its own, or in conjunction with a live three-day training in London or at YogaWorks Soho or YogaWorks L.A. For more information, please visit Bo’s workshop schedule here.


  • How can I improve my practice, work, life, and relationships using tools from yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience and psychology?
  • How can I develop the physical and emotional resilience to meet life’s challenges with deeper compassion towards myself and others?
  • How do I balance the demands of being a teacher, healer, parent, colleague, friend, and partner with an evolved practice of self-care?
  • Why does our yoga practice help us feel better, and how can we maximize yoga’s therapeutic benefits?

This 200-hour teacher training addresses all these questions and more.  Through the training, you’ll learn the integral elements of embodied awareness, a way of engaging with moment-to-moment direct experience in the body, brain, and mind that transforms our lives on every level. Using the practices of embodied awareness as a starting point, You’ll learn how to metabolize and incubate life’s challenges (and blessings) with a greater sense of cohesiveness. You’ll find and honor your inner voice and intuition more deeply. And you’ll learn to practice and teach vinyasa yoga, or any other style of yoga, from an integrative and therapeutic perspective.

The term “therapeutics” can be intimidating. It can conjure images of group psychotherapy encounters, along with a concern that we’ll be sitting around processing our “issues” from June to February! Quite the contrary: This training starts by honoring the body- its inner mechanisms, its messages, its sentient and intuitive wisdom- as a vehicle for transformation. In a nutshell, we spend a great deal of attention on exploring the body (and evidence-based ways of inhabiting its wide range of experience), and yoga, as essential elements of mind-body medicine. While this training offers a strong self-study component, it is more based in mind-body communication and embodied awareness than it is derived from psychotherapy.

This year, for the first time, we’re please to offer all trainees the opportunity to participate in an exciting research collaboration with renowned neuroscientist Norman Farb. This research focuses on interoception, a special form of body awareness, and its effect on stress resilience, emotional well-being, immunity, and the health of our relationships. Upon registration for the training, we’ll send you a letter detailing this groundbreaking study and letting you know how you can choose to participate.

This training is infused with Bo’s extensive background in yoga, psychology, science, education, clinical supervision, and yoga therapy. It is rooted in classical yoga, yet infused with current research and a 21st century context. We start off by delving into the ways in which yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience, and psycho-neuro-immunology intersect, and learn the building blocks of the extraordinary mind-body network that holds the keys to lasting change. And along the way, we’ll also harvest the expertise of some of the country’s best teachers: we’ll learn embodied anatomy from Kathy Hartsell, communication, language, and the business of yoga from Coeli Marsh, mindfulness and meditation tools from Bo and Bill Morgan, Yoga Philosophy from Edwin Bryant, and more.

Throughout the training year, Bo and her team pay particular attention to the sequencing of course material so that you’re able to integrate in a kind, yet thorough way. You’ll experience key concepts and then build upon them progressively and incrementally throughout the year.  You’ll learn the building blocks of Bo’s Mindful Vinyasa system, a powerful method which includes connective tissue rejuvenation, artful sequencing, core work to empower our enteric nervous system or belly brain, and nervous system-balancing tools. This intricate and intensely physical system of vinyasa also mobilizes the entire mind-body network and ignites the development of embodied awareness and emotional health.

You’ll get the most important building blocks of a yoga training, including the art of assisting and how to sequence a powerful practice for yourself and for others, and you’ll also get many elements unique to this truly integrative training. Graduates of our 200-hour Teacher Training are able to teach therapeutic group classes that help practitioners feel better in their bodies, improve stress resilience, and enhance growth and healing.

What happens after the training is over? While many trainings focus on the materials you study during the process, we believe that the post-training period is in many ways the most important. We have a rich and diverse training community to support you after graduation. We also have several “incubator” business relationships with local studios and non-profit foundations where our graduates teach when the training year is complete, including the Codman Center, a branch of Healthworks Fitness, Karma Yoga Studio Cambridge’s Sunday community class, and The Welcome Project in Somerville. Many of our teachers go on to teach in studios local to them. And to aid in your continuing education, graduates of the 200-hour program can attend any portions of subsequent teacher trainings free of charge.

We’re also uniquely positioned to offer graduates exciting opportunities outside the arena of yoga teaching. Those interested in research may choose to get involved with our studies on Interoception with Bo, Norm, and our Research Coordinator Charlotte Sahyoun, herself a 2012 graduate of the training. And for those interested in education, we have several opportunities in our online programs headed by Curriculum Coordinator Erin Haenlin, also a graduate of the 2012 training. These opportunities include collaborations with Shambhala Publications and Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA., with whom we’ll be building a blended online and in-person immersion for 2015.

Please note that this teacher training is not considered sufficient training for providing yoga therapy to clients. For more information, please view the yoga therapy training guidelines set by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. 

The Teacher Training Program is held in the Watertown, MA area.


This program offers continuing education credits for yoga teachers, psychologists, and social workers.

Yoga Teachers:

This teacher training program is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level. Each of the three modules of training is required in order to receive a 200-hour certificate. Certificate requirements also include: a minimum of three live assisting and teaching clinics with Charlotte Sahyoun, RYT200, in-class supervised assisting, and written assignments. You will also be asked to collaborate and practice with your colleagues from the training.