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*Please note that we have decided to suspend Bo’s 200-hour teacher training in order to focus on our online offerings. If you are interested in an online training that corresponds closely to a 200-hour training, consider our newest online course and collaboration: Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, the Body and Contemplative Practice (more info here).  This course can be completed on its own, or in conjunction with a live three-day training in London or at YogaWorks Soho or YogaWorks L.A. For more information, please visit Bo’s workshop schedule here.



The New England School of Integrative Yoga Therapeutics is the home of our Online CE Course, our 200-hour and 500-hour Teacher Training Programs, and our Yoga Therapy Training.

Bo’s innovative teacher training program in Integrative Yoga Therapeutics is held annually in the Boston/Cambridge area. This program aims to provide the highest caliber of mind-body training to help yoga teachers, mental health professionals, and bodyworkers teach yoga therapeutically and with sensitivity not only to the physical body but to the entire Mind-Body Network. Learn more about Bo’s 200-hour and 500-hour trainings and the Yoga Therapist track.

This program offers continuing education credits for yoga teachers, psychologists, and social workers.

“After carefully researching all Yoga Alliance-certified programs in Massachusetts, I chose to study with Bo’s Elemental Yoga Training because it was so far above and beyond what the other programs offered. Bo’s background and experience provide a depth and texture that is unparalleled. I entered the program excited to learn more about yoga, deepen my own practice, and possibly become a teacher. What I didn’t expect was to also encounter a personal journey – the chance to learn more about myself and to evolve personally. I leave the program feeling knowledgeable and prepared than I ever thought I could as a yoga teacher. I also leave feeling like I’m a better version of myself.”

– Sara DiVello, RYT

fiona-akhtar“I was drawn to the Elemental Yoga Teacher Training program because of its focus on the mind-body connection and also because of how much I enjoyed practicing in the Elemental Yoga style. I wasn’t sure what I expected to get out of the training, but I felt certain it would deepen my practice. And that it undoubtedly has done! Bo truly integrates the mind-body connection into her unique style of yoga and conveys her passion for yoga and teaching to her students. I’ve come away with not only a deeper understanding of psychology, anatomy, and alignment, but also with a sense of trust in the universe and an appreciation for the serendipity that brought me to the Elemental Yoga training.”

– Fiona Akhtar, RYT

“The beauty and alchemy of the teacher training in my life is beyond words. What bo has created is truly remarkable. I feel such respect for the integrity of the TT and feel fortunate to have bo teach me. As a social worker-psychotherapist I have such a respect for what bo has accomplished and is offering; integrating so much information from the social, psychological, neurological, and yogic worlds, bridging them naturally and mindfully into a true healing practice. It is such a beautiful training program that mimics her classes in spirit, knowledge, compassion, and personal transformation. I really loved how each weekend of the teacher training builds upon the last, like in an EY class. This training is fostering a wonderful community of practitioners and teachers that I am proud to be apart of.”

– Julie Zeitz, RYT

“I feel the training was very comprehensive. It covered a broad range of topics I doubt most yoga trainings come close to. From anatomy, to Sanskrit, to the Sutras and the ‘Gita, a journey through the 5 bodies, samskara mapping, then the opportunity to work with live clients focusing on depression, anxiety, spinal anomalies and more… Wow! It was way beyond my expectations.”

-Kaylee Murphy, RYT)

The Elemental Yoga Teacher Training gave me a new set of tools for deepening my yoga practice. The alignment-based, therapeutic approach to Yoga has given me a stronger base from which to grow my practice both on and off the mat.”

– Susanne Seitinger, RYT

james-gotz“Bo Forbes integrates her rich experience and wisdom from her own training in hatha yoga, psychology and cognitive science with the intelligence and passion of her teaching style, to create this most unique alchemy: New England School of Integrative Yoga Therapeutics Mind-Body Teacher Training. After an intense and comprehensive year-long (200-hour) study of the connections between the body and mind, the art and science of teaching, the language and history of yoga, an introduction to the therapeutic power of yoga, and perhaps most importantly a safe container for my own self-explorations, I entered teaching with more than just the confidence and tools to help my students (and me) experience yoga safely and mindfully; I entered with deep respect for its wondrous healing powers. An additional multi-year immersion in Bo’s 500-hour program, along with her on-going supervision through the Center for Integrative Yoga Therapeutics, deepened my understanding and experience in working with and teaching to a vast array of physical, mental and emotional conditions, while reminding me that this is only the “end of the beginning.” My formal training complete, I step out with a profound and humble awareness of all that is yet to be learned and awakened, but with an indelible map to guide my journey. I proudly and gratefully refer to Bo as my teacher.”

– James Gotz, RYT500

an-li-liu“This training has allowed me to deepen my practice in a very profound way through its comprehensive integration of philosophy, psychology, anatomy, alignment, asana, and svadhyaya (self-study). Studying yoga from a mind-body perspective acknowledges the interdependence of these two aspects of our being, and the empowering nature of this practice. Bo expertly synthesizes many of the necessary components essential for a most rigorous and thorough yoga teacher training program.”

– An Li Liu, RYT200