Integrative Yoga Therapeutics Extended Training

If you’ve always wanted to take Bo’s in-person teacher training but don’t live in the area, this is your chance. We live-filmed most of our in-person teacher training course, and then curated the best from each module just for you.

Not for the faint of heart, this course offers over 90 hours of online content, plus the chance to go deep with our Homework Guru, Erin Haenlin.

This course includes three modules that took place in our community over the course of ten months.  You can complete each module at your own pace.


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Module I

  • The Mind-Body Network
  • The Psychology & Neurobiology of Yoga
  • Ethics and the Role of a Teacher
  • Therapeutic Asana and Alignment
  • Introduction to Therapeutic Sequencing

Bonus content: Restorative Yoga Therapeutics Mini-Module (12-14 hours) 

Module II

  • Neuroscience and our Mind-Body Patterns
  • The Learning Laboratory, Revisited
  • Yoga: A Map to the Mind and Emotions (spotlighting the mental body and its stories, as well its meaning-making mechanism)
  • The Chakra and Nadi Systems
  • Samskara Mapping: the Eight Bodies, the Gunas, and Interventions to change our deepest patterns
  • Creating Embodied Insight
  • Therapeutic Sequencing: In-Depth Studies

Bonus content: 8 Live 90-minute Therapeutic Vinyasa Classes as a study tool to enhance your sequencing skills (12-14 hours)

Module III

  • Therapeutic Sequencing: The Deeper Integration
  • Yoga, Psychology, & Science: Healing Anxiety, Depression, and Chronic Stress
  • The Major Research Findings and How they Impact our Yoga Practice
  • Teaching Lab: Finding Your Voice
  • Yoga for Total Immunity: Revitalizing the Nervous System, Immune System, and Happiness Pathways

Bonus content:

  • Yoga for Total Immunity Mini-Module (12 hours)
  • Dharma Talk: Mindfulness, Yoga, and Personal Transformation with Bill Morgan, Psy.D. (1.5 hours)
  • Dharma Talk: Anatomy, Yoga, and Teaching with Bo and Leslie Kaminoff (2 hours)

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