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Erin Haenlin

Erin has been practicing Yoga since 2008 but really found her place in 2010 with the Integrative Yoga Therapeutics method. Erin completed her 200-hour training with Bo in 2013 and is teaching in Western Mass where she lives with her family.

Alison Sager

Ali’s journey with yoga began with an initial desire to reconnect to her body, her practice becoming a place of refuge and growth. A devoted student since 2006, her interest in deepening her studies and connecting to the practice with others led her to become a 200 Hour RYT in vinyasa and restorative yoga under the guidance of Bo Forbes, with whom she continues to study and assist workshops. She is also a certified Radiant Child yoga teacher. She is moved by the capacity of the breath and believes that through the cultivation of embodied awareness and self-compassion, we can find our own heartfelt language within.

Lindsey O’Neill

Lindsey completed her 200HR Integrative Yoga Therapeutics/Elemental Yoga teacher training with Bo Forbes in 2012. Lindsey discovered this style of yoga after years of competitive running, and was humbled by the way her yoga practice left her feeling grounded, centered, and deeply connected to her truest Self. Through mindful movement, we allow ourselves the space to create a balanced depth of awareness, strength, and flexibility, and a sense of nurturance for body, mind, spirit, and soul. Lindsey is honored to bring yoga to the local community, with the intention of holding space for others to step into their own embodied fullness.

Erin Britt

Erin Britt began her yoga practice over a decade ago when she took her first yoga class as a freshman in college. She quickly became deeply rooted in her practice and fell in love with the stability and comfort that she found in yoga. She completed her 200-hr training with Bo in 2010 and has been teaching since. Erin teaches a slow-paced vinyasa practice, focusing on the mind-body connection and the therapeutic aspects of yoga. In her class there is a strong emphasis on the breath and mindfully moving through the asanas. Students can expect to be challenged through slower movement, and are encouraged to listen to their own bodies, modifying poses as necessary.


Sara has been practicing yoga since January 2000 and is currently certified at the 200-hour level. She began in the Ashtanga tradition before finding a deeper resonance in slower-flow styles. Sara teaches both Vinyasa and Restorative. She holds a B.A. in communications with a print concentration, and is passionate about travel and great food.

Kate Millen

Kate has been committed to health and fitness as both a fitness instructor and student for more than fifteen years. She received her 200-hour certitification and advanced teacher training with Ana Forrest in 2005. Upon joining the Elemental Yoga 500-hour Teacher Training Program in 2007, Kate turned the focus of her own practice to the Elemental Yoga alignment-based style of slow vinyasa that systematically heals the mind and body. With an emphasis on alignment, transitions, and mindfulness, she has been able to heal injuries and imbalances in her own body and mind; these personal experiences have been instrumental in framing her teaching in both group and private settings. Beyond teaching Elemental Yoga, Kate has also worked in clinical settings, helping patients with diet and nutrition; she volunteers at Emerson Hospital’s Oncology Department, in nursing homes, and teaches yoga to teens and pre-teens. Kate’s passion is to empower people with the ability to heal themselves through yoga.

Anne Taylor

Anne Taylor did her first 200-hour teacher training at the Kripalu Center and then went on to do a subsequent 200-hour training in Elemental Yoga as a means to further develop her skill set as a teacher and to complement her background in mental health and addictions. Anne also holds a 500-hour certification in Vinyasa from Yoga Sutra in NYC, as well as pre-natal certification. Anne currently teaches yoga full-time in the NYC area at gyms, studios, corporate and residential settings, and non-profits and medical facilities. Her students range in age and abilities, including children and seniors and all ages in between.

Bethany Earls

Stephanie Mashek

Stephanie Mashek has had a dedicated Vinyasa yoga practice since 2000. Studying primarily with Bo Forbes, she has also studied Iyengar and Anusara styles of yoga. She completed the Elemental Yoga 200-hour Mind-Body Teacher Training with Bo Forbes in 2007 and continues in the EY 500-hr advanced program and Integrative Yoga Therapeutics track. Characteristic of Elemental Yoga she incorporates props, isometric stretches, and creative sequencing to her slow vinyasa classes. Through the mindful flow of poses linked by the breath and guided by careful alignment and sequencing of Elemental Yoga, Stephanie has found enhanced self-knowledge, physical awareness, and mental and emotional balance for herself and for her students.

An Li

An Li has been drawn to meditative practices for many years, beginning at the University of Toronto where she majored in Religious Studies. This interest deepened during numerous trips to South Asia where she delved into both Tibetan Buddhism and Hatha yoga. After exploring a gamut of yoga styles, she now practices and teaches a mindful Vinyasa flow that augments the mind-body connection. Her classes integrate thoughtful sequencing, alignment, and breath to facilitate inner awareness and presence. An Li completed the Elemental Yoga teacher training with Bo Forbes, and continues to assist Bo’s classes, workshops, and research projects. She has a keen interest in the benefits of therapeutic yoga for people of all ages and abilities. It is this deeply multi-faceted aspect of yoga that inspires An Li to continue her journey with this ancient, yet evolving, Indian tradition. Off the mat, An Li is an artist and designer. You can find her work at

James Gotz

James Gotz has been practicing vinyasa yoga daily since 2003, and under the guidance of his teacher Bo Forbes since 2005. Initially a (successful) tool to lose weight and manage the stress of his legal career, yoga now provides James with a blueprint for mindful living and a healthy body, mind + spirit. A graduate of Bo’s Elemental Yoga Mind-Body 200-hour and advanced 500-hour training programs, James regularly assists Bo in national workshops and continues under her supervision at the Center for Integrative Yoga Therapeutics. Through a dedicated focus on alignment and safety, James guides his students in Elemental Yoga’s approach towards optimal mind-body growth. A heart-opening, humor-filled and empowering style infuses his challenging-but-slow-paced classes and private therapeutic sessions.

Jess Hicks

Yoga has been part of Jess’ life as far back as she can remember, starting with yoga on the golden shag carpet of her childhood home with Lilias on PBS. Jess has been influenced by and has studied many styles of yoga and mindfulness, including completion of a 200 hour teacher training with Bo Forbes and a Yin Yoga training with Josh Summers. Her classes are tied together by a thread of mindful movement and breath that can be deeply comforting, grounding, and healing.

Katherine Hartsell

With a history steeped in professional ballet, yoga, and physical therapy, Kathy has deeply studied the body, the mind, and the quiet strength that unfolds from connecting the two. This mind-body connection is used to build the framework for all of her classes, where custom-tailored and breath-guided movement is encouraged and supported. Kathy earned her 200 hr certification in Elemental Yoga with Bo Forbes in 2007, and she has continued to develop her knowledge of anatomy, physical injury and rehabilitation with continued yoga and physical therapy education. Ongoing experiences as a yoga instructor, physical therapist assistant, dancer, and most importantly as a yoga student, inform, enrich, and inspire her teaching.

Bo Forbes

Integrative Yoga Therapeutics

Integrative Yoga Therapeutics™ (IYT), created by Bo Forbes, combines both Eastern and Western healing systems. Its central focus is the mind-body matrix, the intricate network which includes the nervous system, immune system, emotional body, and pain modulation pathways. Integrative Yoga Therapeutics aims to help clients and students understand and access this matrix as a powerful vehicle to growth and healing. Encompassing the innovative and effective tools that yoga has to offer (including active, alignment-based, mindful asana practice, therapeutic “bodywork asana,” breathwork, meditation, and Restorative Yoga), Integrative Yoga Therapeutics helps us learn about, guide, and ultimately fine-tune the interplay between mind and body, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic manifestations of illness, imbalance, and disease.

One of IYT’s guiding principles is that habitual patterns (in practice and in life) reinforce alignment anomalies, patterns of movement, and ways of relating to others that lead to restriction, injury, or emotional issues. In addition, memories, emotions, and experiences are held deep in the tissues of the body and written onto the nervous system.

Through the creative use of props, Integrative Yoga Therapeutics delves into some of the body’s primary “holding areas” with compassion and playfulness. It accesses contracted or tight spaces in the body, promoting lymphatic flow and facilitating mental and emotional release. Areas of focus include the hamstrings, shoulders, adductors, quadriceps, pectoral muscles, lymphatic system, and iliotibial band.

Restorative Yoga Therapeutics

Restorative Yoga Therapeutics is a practice in stillness, and some say, “the art of doing nothing.” A class involves carefully sequenced and artfully propped restorative yoga postures designed to balance the nervous system and emotional body. In these postures, your entire body stretches gently while supported by yoga props such as bolsters and blankets. Personalized support in each posture helps minimize muscle contraction and quiet blood pressure, heart rate, and brain function. Gentle guided meditation and basic breathwork techniques help create a safe space for the emergence of your innate wisdom and healing capacity. Restorative Yoga Therapeutics helps to quiet the mind, balance the nervous system, deepen the relaxation response, reduce anxiety and stress, soothe the emotional body, heal depression, stimulate restful sleep, and enhance immunity.

For visual examples of Restorative Yoga postures, visit our Asana Library.

Mindful Vinyasa Yoga

Developed by Bo Forbes as a fusion of vinyasa yoga and contemplative practice, Mindful Vinyasa combines an innovative system of yoga therapeutics with playful, creative, and compassionate self-exploration. This practice awakens each practitioner’s innate capacity for healing. It builds on the understanding that what we do on the mat has relevance beyond the mat, and that creating space and intelligence in the physical body reverberates in the nervous system, mental body, emotional body, and spirit.

In a Mindful Vinyasa class, you will experience a practice that begins with an embodied meditation and incorporates breathwork, attention to the transitions between poses, innovative use of props, creative sequencing, an emphasis on deep, intrinsic core body strength and awareness, and connective tissue release work. This alignment-based vinyasa system helps ignite an intelligence in the tissues of the body which permeates your entire being. This practice also addresses asymmetries and injuries, promoting freedom and space on physical, mental, and energetic levels.

Teaching with focus and exuberance, our teachers help students discover the joy of awareness in stillness and in movement. While physically challenging, the focus on anatomy and alignment makes it accessible and safe for practitioners of all levels.

For visual examples of Restorative Yoga postures, visit our Asana Library.