Sports Performance

For athletes, yoga is a powerful and portable method of attaining peak performance. Regular practice, when integrated with your current training schedule, will improve your mental and physical game. Subtle changes in the body, breath, and mind from a yoga practice can maximize seasonal performance and improve career longevity.

Bo works with professional athletes in many sports, including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, running, and biking. Learn more about the benefits of yoga on athletic performance:

“Bo has helped me so much; not only with my flexibility and strength, but with my mental game as well. I have more focus, and I’m “in the zone” much more often. When I do have a bad day, it’s less likely to spiral downhill or turn into a slump. Prior to practicing yoga with Bo, I had trouble turning the game off; getting to sleep took hours, and left me tired the next day. With Bo’s help, I’m able to tune out and shut off when the game is over, and I’m sleeping better. It’s all there with Bo: the physical and the mental”

– Name withheld due to confidentiality