About Bo

Bo Forbes“I’m passionate about embodiment as a tool for transformation. What began as a melding of psychotherapy and yoga has evolved into a synergy of yoga, mindfulness, integrative psychology, and movement studies. I’m thrilled to share these practices with you, and my moment-to-moment discoveries, both on the mat and online!”


Bo Forbes is a global yogi, innovator, information-gatherer, and paradigm-bender who integrates the fields of yoga, mindfulness, science, psychology, movement studies contemplative practice, and social justice. She is the founder of Embodied Awareness, an online education company whose mission is “wellness through embodied education.” Called a “scholar, healer, and maverick” by Yoga Therapy Today, Bo is a clinical psychologist, yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher, and movement educator. She also collaborates in research on embodiment, mood, and performance with Norman Farb, Sara Lazar, and David Vago, who are fellows at the Mind and Life Institute. Bo recently collaborated on a Think Tank grant from Mind and Life on embodiment, contemplative practice, and equality, which focused on reducing implicit bias and prejudice. She is the Founder of The One Body Collective, a non-profit initiative housed within the Give Back Yoga Foundation. Its purpose is to collaborate and create new pedagogy in somatics, contemplative practice, and social justice.

Bo received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Chicago, and her doctoral degree from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Her background includes training in biopsychology, stress management, mood disorders, sleep anomalies, eating and body image issues, and athletic performance. Bo brings her special method of embodiment training to professional sports teams, corporations, yoga instructors, mindfulness teachers, and healthcare professionals worldwide. She conducts teacher trainings and workshops internationally, including in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. Europe, and the Middle East. She is on the Advisory Boards of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Give Back Yoga Foundation. She writes frequently for Yoga Journal, the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, Yoga International, and other leading magazines. She is the author of Yoga for Emotional Balance: Simple Practices to Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression.



Jennifer-Spesia“I am filled with immense gratitude for Bo Forbes and her brilliant and graceful integration of yoga, psychology, and science. I learned more in her class than I have in any other yoga class, ever. Being a skilled yoga teacher is one thing, but truly understanding the anatomy, physiology, psychology, and mind-body connection is invaluable to all of her students, and in turn, their students. The knowledge I gained from Bo’s class will undoubtedly be of benefit to me for the rest of my life, but just as important, I now have these amazing and transformative tools to pass on to my students as well.”

– Jennifer Spesia, Elephant Journal
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saskia-meckman“Bo’s classes and workshops offer a unique blend of practical instruction that I have immediately been able to apply in my own classes. Her teaching incorporates individual attention: she reads people’s energetic and physical bodies with such grace and personal experience, which she so clearly brings from her many years as a therapist, yoga instructor, and seeker of knowledge. As Bo’s student and colleague, I continue to be inspired by her passion for yoga and the ease with which she shares her teachings.”

– Saskia Meckman, RYT, Florida

erika_beck_spencer“Bo’s classes at Healthworks changed my body and helped me discover that my body was capable of doing things I never thought it would be able to do. She has the perfect blend of strength, fitness, stretching, and spiritual wonderfulness that I haven’t been able to find in other yoga classes.” 

Erika Beck Spencer, Portland, Maine

“My first yoga class with Bo happened by chance when I was still living in the Boston area. Yoga has changed my life, and Bo was the best introduction to it that I can envision. That was many years ago, and since then I have had dozens of excellent yoga teachers in many parts of the world. Yet it has been hard to adapt to these other teachers. Bo’s classes are a holistic experience. They are steeped in the range of her knowledge, which goes from the scientific and intellectual to the sensorial and instinctual aspects of yoga. Bo is an extremely skilled and passionate instructor, but it is her particular spiritual presence- unimposing and true- that makes Bo so inspiring as a teacher”

– Astrid Dick, Paris, France