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We know that our yoga practice helps us feel better, but how long do those benefits usually last? What are the tools that transform our practice from one which makes us feel good for a short while to one that is unequivocally life-changing? In this innovative course, Bo offers a new alternative to the modern medical paradigms of problem-based, protocol-focused healing. Drawing from the traditions of yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology, contemplative practice, and studies of embodiment, Bo provides effective tools to transform your personal practice and professional life.

In this new course, you’ll explore a wide variety of concepts integral to our well-being, starting with our mind-body network, a communication superhighway within us that holds the keys to health. You’ll learn ways in which fields previously thought to be different are interrelated and interdependent. You’ll explore a variety of cutting-edge topics, including:

  • The three primary systems that function as gateways to health and well-being
  • The autonomic nervous system and vagus nerve: why they’re so important in change, and what tools we can use to activate our reflect-and-redirect and the tend-and-befriend systems
  • An updated look at neuroplasticity, the science of change, and its implications for mind, brain, and body health
  • Mindfulness in movement-based practice: what the science says, and how to blend the two
  • The enteric nervous system, or gut microbiome, and its influence on mood and immunity
  • The relationship between posture, breath, and mood, and the role of self-bodywork in changing postural patterns
  • The surprising new science of chronic pain, and its revolutionary implications for mind-body re-integration
  • The connective tissue matrix and its link to our health and well-being
  • The surprising new science of chronic pain
  • The power of the mind, including the neural networks that give rise to anxiety, depression, and chronic pain
  • Emotional contagion, what it means to be an empath, and practices that help instill boundaries and emotional immunity
  • How relaxation is a dynamic practice: why Restorative Yoga works, and how to incorporate it into asana
  • Four extended asana practices that apply the science and philosophy of the course into effective, easy-to-integrate practices on the mat, meditation cushion, and everyday life

We’ll also address some of the “hard questions” of transformation: for example, what does it mean to apply the principles of contemplative practice and the new science of change to real-life situations? What does embodied awareness look like in the difficult, yet pivotal moments of our lives?

Each of the 16 classes in the course offers a seamless blend of theory, process, and practice, giving you the time and support to embody and integrate the knowledge and tools.

This course isn’t a series of static video lectures. Filmed live and in real-time, it captures the perspective of the class participants, as well as the awkward learning moments and the organic process of becoming more embodied. This gives our online community the felt sense of being an integral part of the course.

The course is designed so that you can proceed at your own pace. We offer a variety of guided assignments designed to help you integrate the principles and practice into your life and teaching, including:

  • Bi-weekly webinars with Bo and our senior teachers
  • Participation in our online forums
  • Regular Interaction with Erin, our Director of Programs
  • Study “Pods” so you can engage, discuss, practice, and receive support with and from your colleagues in the course


Pricing: $1,595

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erika-shapiro“Studying with Bo has revolutionized the way I practice, the way I teach, and the way I see. Bo has an ability to transform advanced yoga, psychology, and scientific teachings into information that is easy to retain and to use in one’s practice and teachings. Bo’s teachings ring true and feel universal. They stick. Bo has years of experience working with people and her knowledge runs deep, but she has not distanced herself from what every student and teacher faces. Her teachings have touched me deeply, bringing true transformation.”

– Erika Shapiro, London, England

patricia-heyne“I highly recommend Bo Forbes’ Integrative Yoga Therapeutics online class. She is a brilliant teacher with an effective teaching style who makes learning new concepts quite enjoyable. Each new class builds upon the previous one so that you are truly learning the building blocks of this style of yoga therapeutics. The information she presents is critical information for all Yoga teachers/therapists. The live videos are excellent, and I feel as if I were there present in her classes. She has a warm, friendly, patient, and effective support staff willing to take the time to answer any questions that you may have. The ability to work at my own pace and having access to the classes and the transcripts so that I may conveniently review them as often as I need is a huge plus point. This is definitely a quality online training and an ideal option for many of us. Bo Forbes is a respected expert in her field, and I am so pleased that she has made this training available to us.”

– Patricia H. Yoga Therapist/Yoga Teacher, RYT 500

jennifer-garnham“A wonderful and inspiring course given by a gifted teacher. The willingness of the assisstants and students to be so open to the on-line community was wonderful. I have been using so much of what I have learned in my current job as a psychiatrist/yoga therapist working in an alternative care cancer clinic. It is so rewarding to be able to offer my patients practical and empowering techniques for dealing with the anxiety, stress and health issues that stem from a cancer diagnosis.”

– Dr. Jennifer Garhham, Psychiatrist, Yoga Teacher

brenda-santora“I was hesitant to take a course on line but I am completely happy with the sessions so far that I have taken. Bo is thorough and offers so much information to her students..I wish there was more time in the day to study it all. I find that her words come back to me as I am teaching and it has helped me to understand the deeper part of students rather than just the physical aspect.”

– Brenda Santora, Yoga Teacher