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Bo is an innovator, information-gatherer, and paradigm-bender who integrates the best of many fields and applies new research, theory, and philosophy into practice. Our courses integrate the fields of yoga, mindfulness, science, psychology, connective tissue research, movement studies, embodiment, and contemplative practice.

Our virtual classroom brings Bo’s teachings to yogis all over the world. As part of our global community, you can access Bo’s blend of practical tools and ancient and modern wisdom at your own pace. You can also engage with other members of our online community to hear how they’re applying these tools to their personal and professional lives.

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Our Vision

When it comes to yoga, the body, and transformation, we are acutely aware that a tremendous gap exists between conceptual insight and the real-life experience of practice and change. We’ve taken time-limited online courses and been encouraged by the potential of the offerings, only to fall behind and feel overwhelmed. We’ve been excited by cutting-edge concepts and new findings from modern science, but wrestled with how to put them into practice in “the real world” off the mat. We’ve felt inspired by amazing teachers, and experienced the necessary struggle to find the unique inner voice that makes these tools authentic for us. And we’ve been deeply affected by the wisdom of our fellow course participants, and wished we could engage in exciting conversations outside the parameters of video webinars.

Our conclusion: when it comes to yoga, mindfulness, and the body, course design and delivery matter. When it comes to our modern paradigms of education and learning, the designation between students and teacher is an artificial; the wisdom of our fellow course participants matters. And when it comes to the body’s role in transformation, practice opportunities matter.

Our vibrant learning environment

At Embodied Awareness, LLC., our instructional design and methods stem from a dynamic and continually evolving conversation. We listen both to our own experience and the input of the many people who have taken our course to date. We consult with online learning experts. Our courses are filmed live and un-rehearsed in HD video to help you feel part of an authentic, unfolding process. We use several cameras throughout our intimate training experience so you can witness and feel a part of the struggles, triumphs, roadblocks, and epiphanies that occur in any training involving the body and personal evolution. And in testimony to the value of distilling direct experience into practice, you’ll see vulnerability, too. You’ll experience Bo’s integrative and revolutionary teachings alongside her questions, wonderings, and evolution.

We are absolutely committed to the serpentine path of growth and change, and the necessity of repeated practice. Accordingly, we’ve created a format that allows you to go at your own pace. We understand that life can get a little hectic. So you need not worry about a time limit; you can download the course materials and keep them as anchors for practice and exploration. And we’ve “messed around” a bit with the traditional “homework” and “quiz” formats of online education; we’ve designed “exploration”, “mind play”, and “body play” elements with each class that give you several modes of experience to assist with integration and digestion of the concepts.

The special blend of science, psychology, and practice and the strong support offered in this course make it ideal for a wide range of backgrounds and experience. If you’re just beginning yoga and want to know why it works so well, you’ll appreciate the variety of bodies and presenting issues addressed. For avid students, aspiring teachers, people already teaching, bodyworkers, healthcare professionals, and contemplative practitioners, the course offers a full spectrum of information to enhance your practice and professional life.

Our course format

Our course materials include live class videos, each approximately 90 minutes long. We also provide class transcripts and additional study tools.

You’ll receive lifetime access to these course materials: once you download them, they’re yours to keep forever. What’s more, you can set your own pace and go through the content when you wish.

Bo and Erin will host regular video webinars to review practices, introduce new studies and information, and discuss the challenges and rewards of integrating these tools into real life. And finally, we offer the chance to take part in a “Pod” (each Pod has approximately four people) where you can discuss concepts, practice “live” together, and form a support network that can continue as long as you wish.

Helpful Features

Interactive features like video chat and discussion groups allow you to collaborate with your peers and mentors in the course. And personalized homework review by Erin Haenlin, our Homework Guru, helps you integrate key course concepts.

Check out our curriculum page for more details.

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What Bo’s colleagues have to say about our courses

sadie-nardini“This is truly the “next evolution of yoga. Bo Forbes is not only one of the most knowledgeable yoga instructors/trainers today, she is incomparable in the field of translating yoga and the complex inner body processes into everyday practice. Not only do I study with her, I suggest any yoga student or teacher interested in discovering the worlds of intelligent cause-and-effect beyond the outer body to get her book and take her online program. You know the yoga shapes: let Bo help you fill them with something meaningful and utterly transformative!”

Sadie Nardini, E-RYT,
Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Ultimate Wellness expert

judith-lasater“Traditionally, yoga teaching consisted of one teacher with one student at a time, creating an intensely personal relationship between the two. That’s what I felt when I viewed these teaching videos led by Bo Forbes, Psy.D., psychologist and longtime yoga teacher. Because Bo creates an immediately personal and warm connection with the students in the video and with the viewer, I almost felt as if she was there with me on my yoga mat as I watched. I felt that I could have been a student in the class myself. I was instantly intrigued and engaged in the learning. Add to this sweet connection Bo’s competence in the fields of psychology and yoga and the picture is complete. Many yoga teachers are unable to travel to study so as to be an ongoing resource for their students. These videos are an incredibly useful and deep source of inspiration and knowledge that can be easily accessed by all teachers, regardless of location. I highly recommend this yoga training. It will enhance your practice, your teaching, and your life.”

Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., PT,
yoga teacher since 1971 and author of eight books, including
Yogabody: Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Asana.