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For inquiries, contact Liz:

Liz’s interest in mind-body medicine began while working on several research projects studying the effects of yoga while pursuing her B.A. in Psychology at the University of Connecticut. She has also recently earned her M.S. degree in Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University’s College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences. She is inspired by the innate power we all possess to heal our minds and bodies and is specifically interested in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, biofeedback, guided imagery, and coaching. She is also continually focused on learning, self-growth, and stress reduction. Liz is passionate about spreading awareness of all types of integrative care and is excited to contribute to the growth of Embodied Awareness.


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To book a workshop or intensive with Bo at your studio or retreat center, or to request that Bo speak or teach at a national conference, contact Alison:


PR and Media Inquiries: Alison Sager

A devoted yogini since 2006, Ali’s interest in deepening her studies and connecting to the practice with others led her to become a 200 Hour RYT in therapeutic vinyasa and restorative yoga under the guidance of Bo Forbes, with whom she continues to study and assist workshops. She is moved by the capacity of the breath and believes that through the cultivation of embodied awareness and self-compassion, we can find our own heartfelt language within. With a background in marketing/PR and a travel wanderlust, Ali welcomes the chance to share Integrative Yoga Therapeutics and Bo’s offerings with the local and international communities

For Media Inquiries, contact Ali:



Please understand that we are unable to offer help with a personal situation, requests for clinician or yoga therapy referrals in other areas of the U.S., or career advice. For psychotherapist referrals, please contact your state psychological and social work associations. For yoga therapist referrals, please contact And do visit the Yoga Practice Lab section of our website to enhance your personal practice and professional development. Thank you.